Maximize your investment
& reduce timelines.

Leading companies choose us to speed up, innovate and
make their processes more flexible.

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We solve the problem
of talent attraction and loyalty

We make your teams grow
with professionals who have
the skills your company needs,
in record time and at
the best cost.

10% of Latam’s top talent

Our Seeders are validated professionals.

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Sales &
Design &

With a compliant hiring model,
we simplify the talent administration

10 days

The best candidates are
introduced in 10 days, offering
agility in your hiring process
and companionship for an
efficient onboarding.

Centralized payments

Payments are centralized
through Seeds, who keeps the relationship with the Seeders to facilitate the management on
the companies side.

Administration and compliance

We centralize the administrative
and legal processes, so that you
can focus on other things.
The paperwork is no longer
a problem.


Administrative process is completely done through Seeds, so companies don’t have to worry about the legal terms of contracting.

Specialized support

The entire process is closely monitored: we make sure that there is an agile integration from the Seeder to the company, we support both parties with any ongoing issues that might come up and we look after successful results.

Flexible contracts

Contracts can be canceled without any costs or penalty: the hiring meets your requirements and needs.

Why do companies choose us?
Maximize Investment
Save 20%
fixed costs
No additional
Minimize Risks

We work with leading companies
to develop amazing projects

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Do not waste your time looking for candidates.
At Seeds, we have a team of specialists that
will find the perfect match for your company
in only 7 days.  

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POW: Present of Work &
Power to the People

Every time someone writes Future of Work a panda dies. It is time
to talk about Present or Work (POW), because there is no turning
back and all the rights won have no change or return, like bikinis.
POW because talent gave the punch that knocked out the traditional
work paradigm and the regulatory seconds have passed for it to get up.
We repeat: the future is here, it is present.


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