top talent.

Helping companies access to highly skilled
professionals in a flexible model Innovating
through an Open Talent Culture.

Our solution

We take care of sourcing, selecting,
onboarding, managing and paying your
freelancer seeder.

Step 1

You tell us about the
company’s needs, the objective of the project, the number of candidates you need and the technical skills that are needed.

Step 2

Our matchmaking algorithm will find the perfect candidate between the company needs and our members’ skills. In just one week, we will introduce you to the right candidates.

Step 3

Our seeders will start working in you company, and Seed’s Customer Success and Talent Experience teams will ensure the Seeder is correctly onboarded, and that the results are positive for the company.

Our talent

Professionals that join our
community go through a
comprehensive selection
process, in which we validate
their soft and hard skills.


Applying to the platform

An independent professional applies on our platform
by completing skills, experiences (company and type
of projects), interests and availability.



Evaluation of profiles and selection of the talent that
are also a cultural fit with and the type of projects.


Soft and technical evaluation

Our internal experts validate profiles and Seeder's compromise dor independent work: we validate
their abilities and experience with tests and challenges in order to identify top profiles.



Those who approve the applying process become a part
of our community and platform.

Our Talent Hubs

We select the best talent from LATAM
to reduce the time and effort between
hiring and results.



Manufacturing Project Manager
Supply Chain Specialist
Logistics Specialist
Demand Planner
Production Specialist
Operational Excellence Consultant

Design & Product

Design & Product

Product Manager
Product Designer
Operational Excellence Consultant
UX Researcher
UX/UI Designer
Graphic Designer

Tech & Data

Tech & Data

Back-End Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Data Visualization Analyst
Mobile Developer
Data Engineer
Data Scientist


People & Culture

Sales & Marketing

How do we do it?

Our mission is to facilitate the incorporation
of talent through a dynamic, flexible,
sustainable and successful hiring model.




We listen and outline the
company need.



We collaboratively define an action plan with our operations team to kickstart the matchmaking process.




We introduce Seeders aligned with your projects, allowing the company to choose collaborators.



Our algorithm finds the perfect match between company needs and our community talent.

Planted Seeder



We get to work! The Seeder joins your company and integrates into your team within days.


Follow up

We monitor the project for success, handling admin and feedback.

Why do companies choose us?

They choose us to embrace flexibility,
speedup and innovate in their processes.

Flexibility in the workforce

Whithout incrementing fixed costs, on-demand platforms are the plug and play solution to integrate your company to the future of work.

Accelerate the speed to market

Ideal to speed up processes, meet deliverables and ensure results.

Innovate through new business

In an era when fast planning and execution of ideas separates the winners from the also-rans, Seeds offers a way to amplify both innovation intensity and operational efficiency.