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Tomás Eduardo Pinto

Buenos Aires
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Full Stack Web Developer and student of the career Bachelor of Systems Analysis. I am passionate about technology, its permanent innovation and how it connects everyone. Constantly in search of new and interesting projects where I can apply my knowledge to generate creative and enriching solutions. I like to attend events related to cybersecurity, big data and machine learning.


Full-Stack Developer

Semi Senior
C ++
SQL server

Experiencias relevantes

Software Engineer - Atix Labs, Argentina

Menos de 2 años
  • My main tasks include: - Attending daily meetings with the rest of my team - Analysis, design and implementation of features (Backend) - Unit and integration testing - Code review - Configuration of Dockerfile for automatic deployment to environments through gitlab CI/CD The teams include a Project Manager, a UI designer, a frontend developer, a QA and backend developers. Our work process is very similar to scrum
  • Developed a website for Córdoba government. The idea was to collect as much information as possible periodically from different sources (Facebook, Google Reviews, Instagram and Twitter) to analyze the mood of the people according to social matters and places of interest. We show this data in the most pleasant way possible to the user so that they can obtain insight into what is happening and make the best possible decisions. For this project I had the responsibility of collecting the data from all the sources. I have worked using RestFB (a java client for Graph API of Facebook) and a python scrapper (made with beautifulsoup4 and selenium) to collect opinions from different points of interest in Córdoba.
  • Developed a website for World Logistic Cargo (A 30 year’s old transport Services Company from USA). We had to integrate different carriers API’s and and depending on destination, weight, fees and some other parameters we had to decide the best carrier and route for a consolidation of packages. This project was born initially to replace a legacy system they had, a desktop solution which couldn’t scale more for WLC needs and an old UI that needed to be replaced for a more user-friendly one.
  • Participated in the project DIDI digital identity – ONG Bitcoin Argentina, specifically the semillas project, which allows the collection and storage of data on people from vulnerable neighborhoods who access services from the world of microfinance, such as microcredits or self-managed savings rounds. I did general maintenance of the back (spring) and front end (react).
  • Worked with Google Apps Script to process sheets containing company’s project planning information such as user stories, sprints, user stories weights, etc. for uploading this information automatically to YouTrack (issue tracking and project management platform). This saves a lot of time and avoids mistakes from our project managers, since this was done manually before.
  • Technologies and tools used in all projects include: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Liquibase, PostgreSQL, React.js, Gitlab and Docker.

.NET Developer / Sarsy SRL, Argentina

Menos de 2 años
  • Developed two web applications using C# ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS and JavaScript in teams of 2-3 people. I also participated in the analysis process, constantly communicating with the clients (face to face and and by mail) for their feedback on my work, documenting their needs and the progress of the projects. Deployed this applications through FileZilla.
  • Integrated a Payment Gateway (First Atlantic Commerce) with a movie ticket sales site. I also contributed to the front-end payment site built using React.js
  • Participated in the development of a desktop application using Selenium/Chrome WebDriver to automatically navigate across Argentina’s AFIP site.
  • Documented the deployment process of some of our web sites (through FileZilla) and the configuration of their servers. I have also participated in the elaboration of user’s manuals.


Bachelor of Systems Analysis

Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires
2014 - actualidad