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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Hi, I am Raluca, a young professional with five years of experience in sustainable development and corporate culture change, focused on designing & implementing sustainable business practices that benefit both the company & its stakeholders.
I started my journey by wanting to understand how societies work; therefore, I studied Political Science & Public Administration and later specialized myself in sustainable development, gender & minorities policies and social entrepreneurship. My education helped me to form a broader vision to which I adhered at the very beginning of my career, namely that the responsibilities of private entities must shift towards tackling pressing societal problems through their products and services.
I acquired most of my expertise working in a multi-national power company on complex issues such as, but not limited to, tackling the shortage of well-prepared personnel, diversity & inclusion in the workplace, facilitating skills building on social entrepreneurship, internal process innovation related with access to energy and vulnerable groups, improving the client-company relationships.
I would choose thorough analysis of a problem any day in the pursuit of the best resolve instead of trendy solutions. I like to work in a collaborative manner, but I also do well on my own. I believe that my strongest skills are hand-on project management in sustainability & innovation fields, background diagnosis & feasibility analysis, facilitating problem solving, systems thinking, stakeholders engagement & managing cross-functional teams.
The mission that guides my change management journey & in fact every aspect of my professional life is the “Creating Shared Value” social and economic model. In a nutshell, every solution has to be human-centered and for the benefit of all the parties involved.  

These are my objectives:
• To become a catalyst for change inside the organization I work for
• To solve problems in a creative and people-oriented way
• To be a bridge-builder between people working in different fields
• To build upon the idea that private entities can contribute to systemic change in society
• To become a better person everyday


Sustainability Specialist

Semi Senior
Gestión de proyectos
Problem Solving
Gestión del cambio
Identifiacion y diseño de iniciativas de mejora
Diagnóstico de cultura organizacional
Planificación estratégica

Experiencias relevantes

Sustainability Specialist - Enel Romania

Entre 2 y 5 años

Conducted sustainable transformation of business practices by having identified and acted upon shared value opportunities for the company and its stakeholders, in accordance with the local needs and the SDGs commitments of the company; 

  • Spreading the “Creating Shared Value” model inside the company, while working towards changing business practices with more inclusive and sustainable ones;
  • Identifying shared value opportunities for the company and its stakeholders, in accordance with the local needs and the global commitments of the company; E.g. of areas in which I've worked on finding solutions, contributing to the implementation of, improving of processes: technical education, training & expanding the pool of well-prepared personnel; diversity & inclusion in the workplace; access to energy for vulnerable categories; facilitating social entrepreneurship & innovation, biodiversity and climate action;
  • Designing & implementing of, monitoring & reporting on projects meant to achieve specific targets part of the Sustainable Development Goals and the local business plan;
  • Implementing feasibility analysis, impact assessments, auditing processes with the scope of further expanding the business or improving specific issue; e.g. Human Rights due diligence; Materiality Assessments; Social, Economic, Environmental, Cultural Analysis; Business Position Papers; Impact Evaluations on projects; Social Return on Investment;
  • Coordinating the implementation of the Global Sustainability Report at country level, using the Global Reporting Standards;
  • Conducting stakeholder engagement actions and managing the relation with local communities;
  • Training design & delivery for new employees as part of the onboarding program;
  • Contributing to the sustainability communication plan and writing content for internal and external purposes;
  • Executing budget allocation; sponsorship & donation contracts.

Corporate Affairs Intern - Ursus Breweries Romania

Menos de 2 años
  • Contributing to the implementation of corporate social responsibility campaigns (CSR) focused on raising awareness on responsible consumption of alcohol;
  • Working on internal communication and engagement plans for over 1400 employees: monthly newsletters, corporate internal events, internal volunteering programs, adapting global messages to the internal audience;
  • Organizing and coordinating the annual volunteering campaign for 300 employees, in 5 different cities;
  • Managing the relation with NGOs partner;
  • Contributing to the organization of corporate events.


GRI Standards practitioner, SROI methodology practitioner,


Master of Policies, Gender & Minorities Studies

2015 - 2017

Bachelor of Political Science

2012 - 2015