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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Consultant specialized in business intelligence technologies. With experience in Insurance, Oil, Mining, Banking, Logistics, Telecommunications, Retail, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Taxes, Tobacco, Agro, Government and Agriculture. Domain of technical and business aspects. Goal oriented, proactive, dynamic.


BI Consultant

Power BI
Business intelligence
Data migration
Data integration

Experiencias relevantes

BI Consultant

Freelance BI Consultant (Dec 2020 to present)

  • Ennube-SCS (USA): Develop of dashboards related to environmental and sustainability factors. Salesforce and Tableau Integration. Asana, PostgreSQL, Azure, Tableau Server, Desktop and Prep, Salesforce.

Freelance BI Consultant (Nov 2020 to present)

  • Taller-KForce (USA): Develop of dashboards related to contract, and management of consultants. Power BI, SQL Server, SSAS, SSRS, Dev Ops.

Freelance BI Consultant (Feb 2018 to Dec 2020)

  • Sarco (USA): Develop and maintenance of Commercial AreaDashboards. Power BI, SQL Server, MS Azure, SSRS, SSIS, Sharepoint.

Freelance BI Consultant (Jun 2020 to Oct 2020)

  • Zurich-Santander: marketing automation. Oracle 12, SSIS, Watson

Freelance BI Consultant (Feb 2018 a May 2020)

  • Molinos Rio de la Plata: Stock & Logistics: BW to ODI ETL migration. Commercial Dashboard: QlikView to Power BI migration. QlikView, PowerBI, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle 12c, SAP BO IV, SAP CMC.

Freelance BI Consultant (Jul 2018 to Sep 2020)

  • Molinos Rio de la Plata: Production & Quality Dashboard. Power BI,Sharepoint.

Freelance BI Consultant (Feb 2019 a May 2019)

  • Chevron: TIBCO to Tableau. Oil Production Dashboard. TIBCO, Tableau, SQLServer 2017.

Freelance BI Consultant (Oct 2018 to Mar 2019)

  • Caledonia Seguros: Develop of dashboards of Sinister, Issuance,Collections, Producers. Technology involved: Tableau, SQL Server 2014.

Freelance BI Consultant (Jul 2017 to Sep 2018)

  • KAFBR - Coca Cola Brazil: EPM platform support of Coca Cola Brazil, forpayments and finance. Technology involved: ODI, Planning, Essbase,Oracle.
  • Technical Dashboard Project: Coca Cola Latin Center. Platform to supportquality, production, accidents, and others. Technology involved: SQLServer 2014, SSIS, Power BI.

BI Project Manager (Jan 2015 to Nov 2017)

  • Leading a team of 7 consultants
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica – Adagio Consultores (Costa Rica).
  • Project management of a DW to manage Higher Education. Loans,occupation, jobs, and professors’ tasks.
  • Management of remote team in Uruguay.
  • Time planning.
  • Definition of deliverables. Risk management. Change management. Field: Education. Technology involved: PostgreSQL, Pentaho, CDE, MS Project.

Freelance BI Consultant (Feb 2015 to Ago 2019)

  • INTA: dashboards to analyze crops and diseases. Tableau, SQL Server2014.

Freelance BI Consultant (Feb 2015 to Ago 2019)

  • Municipalidad de Quilmes: Migration from Microstrategy to OBIEE. RRHH dashboard. Microstrategy v9, OBIEE 11.

BI Project Manager (Jan 2013 to Dec 2014)

Leading a team of 11 consultants

  • PDVSA: in charge of Operational, Finance and Consolidation of CVP andtheir companies. Intercompany operations. Integrate several sources likespreadsheets, SAP ERP, SAP BPC and Oracle. Project managing, managingof resources, incident administration, using agile methodologies andprototypes. Field: Petroleum. Technology involved: DB2, Pentaho, SAPBPC, MS Project, incident tools and repository management.

Freelance BI Consultant (Jan 2012 to Dec 2012)

  • Massalin Particulares: redesign and optimization of BI model to a newerSQL version. Technology involved: SQL Server 2005 a 2008, SSIS.

Project Leader / BI Consultant (Nov 2009 to Feb 2013)

Leading a team of 3 consultants

  • Ternium: prototype of scorecard with help desk information, using HPExecutive Scorecard. SAP BO XI R3/R4. SQL Server 2008.
  • DHL: Managing DW migration Project from BO XI R3 to an upgraded environment. Configuring environments. Permissons. Testing. Contingency.
  • Falabella: Managing DW Project to reengineer several data sources thatprovides information about marketing, clients and campaigns. Technologyinvolved: SQL Server 2008 y SSIS.
  • PCArts: Managing DW Project to migrate current DW to a better one,optimized and capable to handle large amounts of data. Technologyinvolved: Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Equifax Ecuador: Managing the Project to build a DW to reach clients,and track their behavior. Technology Involved: Oracle 11i, SAP BODesigner, SAP BO Webi, SAP BO CMC.
  • Equifax Perú: Managing the Project to build ETL to load data into thesolution.
  • ASP: designing and building financial and accountant universes.Technology involved: SAP BO Designer, SAP BO Webi.
  • Claro: reengineering of the regional DW. Migration of Oracle10g to 11i.Optimization of the queries and load model. Migration of universes.Denormalizing models to star schemas. Technology involved: Oracle 11i,PL-SQL, Toad, SAP BO Data Integrator, SAP BO Designer, SAP BO Webi.
  • Staatsolie Petroleum Company Surinam: Building of a prototype ofdashboards and KPIs to monitor petroleum extraction. Technologyinvolved: Hyperion EPM, Oracle BIEE, Siebel Analytics, PL-SQL, Oracle DataIntegrator.
  • SAP Business Objects trainer: Designer, Webi, CMC.

BI Consultant (Mar 2008 to Oct 2009)

Leading a team of 2 consultants

  • NAS Synergy Project: developing and maintenance of MKTs and Salesdatawarehouse. Fixing reports, applying controls. Administering incidents.Training users. Testing new developments into UAT environment andproduction environment. Providing support to key users of Japan, Braziland USA. Field: Marketing.Charge
  • Contractors: developing of DW of contractors. Technology involved: MSProject, Oracle BIEE, Siebel Analytics, PL-SQL, E-Business Suite

Project Leader (Jan 2007 to Feb 2008)

Leading a team of 4 consultants in the following projects:

  • Dumont: Developing of a finance DW. Reports to show data. Field:Mining. Technology involved. Hyperion Essbase, Reports y Analyzer.
  • Pfizer: Managing Project related to a finance and accountant DW.Following tasks, timing, resources and negotiating definitions with theclient. Field: Pharmacy. Technology involved: Hyperion Essbase, Planning,Analyzer, Calc Script HAL, Oracle 9i, Toad, MS-Project.

BI Technical Analyst (Dec 2004 to Dec 2006)

Working with a team of 2 consultants in the following projects:

  • Ternium - Siderar: developing of accomplish to clients, stock, plant stops,billing, plant occupation, using star schemas. Project plan, designing andanalysis of the solution. Reengineering of cubes and queries. Lifecyclemanagement, writing of user manuals and documents to maintain thedata warehouses. Field: Iron and Steel Industry. Technology involved: SQL2000, 2005, MDX, DTS, Ascential DataStage, Reporting Services 2005,Rational Clear Quest, MS-Proyect.

Technical Analyst (Oct 2000 to Nov 2004)

Leading a team of 2 BI Programmers

  • Logical design of SIAT, modules of facilities, taxes, declarations, debt andaccount. Queries to exploit the model. Reverse engineering of ABL.Auditing model related to debts and credits. Data Mart design aboutbilling, payments, and facilities plan related to debt. Data Mart design of Brute Income tax using OSIRIS-AFIP as origin. Data Mining using Clustering with big contributors. Technology involved: DBS OS/390, QMF,SQL Server 2005, DB Designer 4, ACL V8, DB2 UDB V8, Intelligent Miner deDB2.
  • Tax declarations and contributor profile. Coordinate meetings, steps ofthe project, controls advance of the project, resources. Technologyinvolved: SQL Server 2000, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, XML, DTS,MS-Project.


Master's in IT Systems

Bachelor’s in Information Systems