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Fonchi Fontecoba

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Leading communication strategies for top clients.
Always looking for the strategies that combine media thinking, innovation, and what brands need, in order to deliver the best product to our clients.
I coordinate projects that involve working with multi-disciplinary areas such as performance, programmatic, social media, audiovisual production and media strategy.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Brand marketing
Content management
Facebook Business Manager
Gestión de campañas
Instagram ads
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Experiencias relevantes

Director Creativo - Avatar

Entre 2 y 5 años

After 3 years building an integrated profile in creativity and strategy, Avatar trusted me to run the creativity department regionally.
Clients I have worked with: Natura, Yoplait, Amex, Purina.

Digital Marketing Manager - A&E Networks

Menos de 2 años

Channel Bio rebranding: Lifetime Launch.
Digital strategy. Social media development.

Fonchi for Hire - Owner

Entre 5 y 10 años

Planning, Creative Strategy.
Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Account Management.

Clients I work with: Budweiser, Africa Agency, UdeSA, Prudential Seguros, Kahlo Agency, Arredo.


Diseño de imagen y sonido UBA

1997 - 2000