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Florencia Radiche

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Business manager specialized in Digital Transformation and eCommerce, both at regional and country levels. Proven experience in developing, executing and coordinating digital projects that drive business growth. Experienced in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Skilled in bilingual (English and Spanish) verbal and written communication.


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Experiencias relevantes

eCommerce Jr Manager - The Coca-Cola Company - South Latin Business Unit (Argentina, Chile, Peru,Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia).

Entre 2 y 5 años

Supported the implementation of new digital commerce platforms that enabled the  Company to digitize its system in South Latin Business Unit.  

Coordinated sales efforts between marketing and eCommerce channels in our clients  (such as key accounts and last milers) and D2C (direct to consumer) platforms, with a  focus on acceleration as well as incidence, volume and revenue growth. Connected with cross-functional teams and stakeholders while managing  interactions with key clients and suppliers.  

Led the product catalog team (3 direct reports) and developed the catalog’s  automatization processes.  

Provided market insights and connections with other Fast-Moving Consumer Goods  companies. Company representative at Argentina’s eCommerce Chamber (CACE) in  the FMCGs vertical. 

Recipient of the Company’s 2019 Global Innovation Award for contributing in Wabi’s  Global expansion.  

Main projects: 

• Rappi and Pedidos Ya partnership’s kick off: developed Coca-Cola’s commercial  strategy for these players. The project resulted in an increase of Coca-Cola's  consumer base, as well as a growth in purchase frequency and average purchase  ticket. 

• Tienda Coca-Cola pilot test: launched a prototype for Argentina’s D2C solution in 2018, which connected the traditional trade (Mom-and-Pop shops) with our final consumers. It allowed them to digitize their presence and receive physical traffic to their stores.

Digital Assistant - The Coca-Cola Company - South Latin Business Unit. 

Menos de 2 años

Responsible for eCommerce projects coordination and delivery for South Latin  initiatives. 

Budget administrator for the Digital transformation team: P&L development and  analysis, monitor all revenue and expenditure forecasts. 

Main projects: 

• Project Manager for Wabi v1.0 (Coca-Cola’s last miler solution): partnered with  cross-functional teams and bottlers towards alignment of actions and defined  deadlines. Audited previous tech partner and administered the handover to  current supplier. 

• Product catalog: set up South Latin’s product catalog, which covered over 3.000 SKUs. Created protocols for keeping the database updated.

Strategy Planning & Insights Assistant - The Coca-Cola Company - South Latin Business Unit.

Entre 2 y 5 años

Operational budget administrator for Strategy Planning and Insights team: annual  budget development, monitoring and analyzing all revenue and expenditure  forecasts. 

Recipient of the Company’s first South Latin Business Unit’s Ovation Award in 2017 for leading a regional Team Building project.


Bachelor’s degree, Commercialization

Universidad de Belgrano
2018 - 2022 (Expected graduation date)