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Yesica Sanguinetti


Senior Human Resources (HR) Manager with 20 years of experience working closely and proactively with board members and senior leaders on all subjects related to the country people strategy. This includes influencing key stakeholders as required and establishing a sound plan of country leadership team succession that corresponds to the strategy and objectives of the company.

Specialist in soft and hard HR functions (Senior Business Partner, Labor Relations Head, Internal Communications, Engagement, Diversity and Compliance, Risk and Control Head)

Solid experience in the design and implementation of Campaigns, Events and Internal Communication actions that generate impact and strengthen commitment and ownership of employees with the company.

Leadership of the Human Resources function in full alignment and Compliance with all internal and external; local, regional and global laws, regulations and policies. This includes the successful passing of HR audits.

Demonstrated experience in the management and resolution of labor and union conflicts in populations such as call centers and branches, among others.

Effective management of labor relations, including collective bargain/ union negotiation as required, and disciplinary processes in accordance with policies and processes.

Responsible to design and execute the country Diversity and Inclusion strategy at a country level and regional liason on all diversity actions.

Responsible for the management of the different tools for measuring the work environment:

o Great Place to Work Survey (GPTW) - Best companies working in Argentina with up to 1000 employees - 2018 year Ranking # 6

o Voice of the Employee Survey (VOE) - Commitment Index 2018: 80%, Employee Satisfaction 2018: 79%
Seven years of experience as Internal Audit Manager reporting to NY with scope of review in the Latam countries and USA. Strong experience in Compliance Reviews.


HR Consultant

Estrategia y gestión de recursos humanos
Gestión del cambio
Metodologías ágiles
Auditoría interna
Diagnóstico y diseño de procesos
Diagnóstico de cultura organizacional

Experiencias Relevantes                                                                                                         

HR Director - Bank of China

2020 - 2021

Senior Human Resources Manager - Corporate Bank Senior Business Partner & Internal Communic. Head - Citi

2012 – nov 2019

Senior Business Partner for the Corporate Banking business areas, interacting directly with the board members and senior leaders. Ensure the right talent is sourced, recruited, on-boarded, motivated, developed and retained so as to ensure success of the business objectives.

Successful management of core HR processes, such as; performance cycle, compensation year-end processes, succession planning, work environment action plans, etc. This includes driving the local implementation of global or regional projects/initiatives.
Corporate Bank Total population: 500 employees and more than 90 senior employees from the business units.

Internal Communications (IC)
Area Head responsible to create and implement communication initiatives that strengthen the commitment and belonging of employees with the company. Designing and executing people communication plan strategy to clearly communicates changes in strategy and helps the CEO to encourage teams to challenge the status quo in support of the company vision and global strategy. Exhibits confidence and agility in challenging times to embrace through compelling messages that connect people and build a sense of pride of ownership in the mission.

Campaigns Implemented: Wearing the T-shirt, Feeling the T-shirt; In Citi, we have “THE TEAM”; The best hinchada of the century; Employee Engagement Campaign “I am Citi”; Women’s Council communication campaign; I Feel Good (Be the Best)

Senior Human Resources Manager - Culture, Diversity & Employee Engagement Head (Cont.) - Citi

2012 – 2019

People Engagement, Culture & Diversity

Responsible for the management of the different tools for measuring the work environment, analysis of results and coordinate with Board members and senior leaders to design and implement the different action plans that empower the company as the best place to work.

Responsible and coordinator of the Work Environment Committee (VOE Champions) composed with senior representatives from each areas of the company working collaborative across the firm in the action plans design and implementation.

Actions Implemented: Design and implementation the Company Flex policy and also were designed and implemented customized flex policies for each unit considering the different issues facing each of the functions in the areas. Recreation areas were built. New and modern Layout in the offices. Fruits in each of the areas, etc.

Responsible to lead and carry out the employee satisfaction surveys.

o Great Place to Work Survey (GPTW) - Best companies working in Argentina with up to 1000 employees - 2018 year Ranking # 6

o Employee Voice (VOE) - Commitment Index 2018: 80%, Employee Satisfaction 2018: 79%

Country Diversity Coordinator: Design and execution of Diversity and Inclusion strategy.
Actions delivered: Responsible for the design and execution of each International Women’s Day annual event. In charge of leading and coordinate the country Women's Council (participation of all senior women leaders), Coordination of the Connect Teen Program, Responsible for the design and execution of the Annual Diversity Week events.

Act as Risk Coordinator and Human Resources Control & Compliance.

Senior Human Resources Manager - CITICLUB Benefits - Citi

2007 – 2019

Responsible to lead and manage CITICLUB, a special place that was created for employees where, social, family, sports and various fun and entertaining events are annually designed and executed according to the annual budget plan that is previously presented and approved in the senior Citiclub committee (senior managers representatives).
In each activity launched, our main goal is to create a friendly environment where people relate each other from a different point of view, generating a closer networking that could help our Citiclub members in the day to day labor relationship. As a result of this, deepening feelings of belonging and pride for the company are reinforced, which is extended to the employee and his family.

Activities launched to Citiclub members: Back to school, Eastern Present, Father’s day concur, Employee Kids Winter Holidays trip, Kid’s Day, After Office (different themes), Halloween celebration, Mother’s Day celebration, Family Day, Christmas Box, Yearend toast celebration, football tournaments (men, women), trekking, etc.

Labor Relations Manager & Payroll, Administration, Risk, Control and Compliance Unit Head. - Citi

2006 – 2012

Labor Relations Manager
Strong experience acting as a representative of the Bank in the Chamber Banks of Argentina (ABA). Responsible to lead the labor relations, negotiate collective bargaining agreements and coordinate procedures to handle conflicts with employees. Responsible for the correct alignment, implementation and monitoring of existing labor laws, contracts and collective agreements in line with the strategic business plan. Maintain fluid communication with internal and external union representatives to discuss labor relations problems. Act as a mediator to prevent and, when necessary, resolve disputes over labor agreements or other labor relations issues in order to avoid litigation, strikes or other interruptions. Member of the Country Disciplinary Committee, so to resolve conflicts that arise through complaints that impact the company's code of ethics. Ensure compliance with labor regulatory requirements. Responsible for maintaining equal employment opportunities. Ensure a good and respectful work environment

Payroll, Expat and Equity coord and HR Benefits admin, Risk, Control and Compliance Unit Head - Citi

2001 -2012

Responsible for the payroll process (3500 employees in Citibank Argentina), to ensure compliance with labor and tax legislation, in addition to Corporate policies.
Responsible for the preparation and coordination of the annual salary budget of the Human Resources area and presentation to the Board of Directors for final approval. Coordinate, control and analyze the headcount and salary expenses of Cit Argentina. Responsible and closely coordination with the Finance Director monitoring and reporting the monthly closing of headcount for all areas.
Responsible for the administration and control of the Country Outsourced Services (1300 outsourced employees in the country) in order to mitigate the impacts that could arise for the Bank acting as solidary responsible. Control and comply with the provisions of Art. 30 of the Labor Contract Law.
Manage the planning, analysis and implementation of technology projects required by HR for all businesses in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and global HR projects (People Soft - HROne).
Responsible for compliance with Corporate standards and procedures for Compliance, Self-Assessment, Information Security matters. Coordination of audits to HR. Representative for HR Risk and control subjects in Board Committees. Responsible for the Administration of Eventual Agencies employees, Internships and staff internal transfers.

Main achievements:
Participation in the implementation of Restructuring processes, which I led from the accounting-financial field. Participation in the synergy of the Provencred card acquisition.
Regional coordination of the global Human Resources project for the implementation of the People Soft v.8.3 database in Human Resources Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Internal Audit Manager - Citi

1992 - 2001

Responsible for the coverage of corporate business audits in the different countries of Latin America, acting as a senior auditor to independently assess the effectiveness of controls and determine the potential impact of any control failure detected, evaluating the required corrective actions.
Senior leader for the coverage of Middle Office units, such as Compliance, financial control, human resources, etc. in the countries of the Latam region; Advise and guide the audit team on the audit approach, emerging issues and trends; Support audit directors in presenting risk reports at corporate levels, maintaining a solid monitoring program to identify emerging industry problems and assess their implications for the corporation, preparing quarterly monitoring reports and groups of audit work that highlights the key developments and recommendations of courses of action.