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Oscar Zapata

Medellín, Colombia

I am a Systems engineer formed as an OOP developer, with 5 years of Data engineering experience. I have strong analysis, design, and problem-solving skills with fast-learning aptitudes.

My experience extends to work with ETLs/ELTs, Data engineering, Data warehousing, Data management and visualization with companies of different sizes working for in-house projects and third party projects.

Also, I have worked with machine learning engineers and I’m doing my post degree in this fieldto get a better understanding of the full data pipeline landscape in the moment.

I am always interested in team-working, face challenges and keep improving as a data engineer.


Data Engineer

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Amazon AWS
Google Data Studio
Machine learning
3D Design

Experiencias Relevantes                                                                                                         

Data architect - Globant


- Support GCP data solutions (dataproc, dataflow, bigquery) with cloud  monitoring, cloud operations and alerting 

- Design and advice in the construction of data solutions

Lead data engineer TUL


- Integrate data from a micro-services application built over kubernetes.

- Select the right tools for the data flow, integration and visualization.

- Allow the possibility of data integrations, exploration and exploitation with  multiple teams and tools (BI, data scientists, marketing teams). 

Data engineer Xertica

2020 - 2021

- Migrate 350+ tables from 14 different data sources to the cloud (GCP) to  build a data-lake and data-warehouse. 

- Build data-pipelines and ELT's with Matillion 

- Building store procedures on Bigquery and reports on Datastudio.

Data engineer Experimentality


- Design an end-to-end data pipeline for developing a data related project,  including the extraction, data centralization and visualization. 

- Integrate and visualize information in Splunk. 

Data engineer PICAP


- Design, test, and maintain data in Snowflake 

- Work closely with a data-science team retrieving data and creating queries  to feed different predictive models builded in python. 

- Create dashboards in Tableau to visualize the predictive models behavior,  results and precision. 

- Find user fraud out of our existing data, to increase efficiencies and reduce  costs. 

BI Analyst SURA


- Design, test, maintain, clean and manage a Teradata DW with 2000+ tables.

- Created efficient and scalable data models compatible with the data ecosystem of the company and integrate them in the DW. 

- Oversaw the complete ETL process. 

- Worked closely with team members, consultants, stakeholders, and  solution architect in an agile methodology. 

- Leading consultant in the building of new data models and ETLs.

- Improvement performance of existing Queries and ETLs.


Data science and analytics Postgraduate degree

2020 - 2021

Systems engineering

Universidad de Antioquia

Google Professional Data Engineer