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Buenos Aires, Argentina

I'm always looking to improve my technical skills and learn new technologies



Semi Senior

Experiencias Relevantes                                                                                                         

AWS Architecture
Clear Business Intelligence – (2021-Currently)

  • Owning the technical engagement and ultimate success around specific implementation projects
  • Defining implementation architectures
  • Developing a deep expertise in the AWS technologies as well as broad know-how around how applications and services are constructed using the AWS platform
  • Conducting architectural analysis, and style of enterprise-wide systems.
  • Preparation and presentation of a test plan, lab reports, technical presentations, and analyst briefings for covering different solution areas
  • Collaborating with the IT development team for ensuring suitable translation of architectural solutions into robust and effective implementation.
  • Initiate contact with the client to provide a complete team effort
  • Design, develop, and maintain systems, processes, procedures to deliver a high-quality service design.
  • Plan, design, and configure the most typical business solutions as needed
  • Prepare technical documents and other presentations for multiple solutions areas
  • Make sure that the best practices for configuration management are carried our as it was needed
  • Initiate a healthy discussion with the client and update them from time to time on the progress of a project
  • Oversee the assigned program and guides the other members of a team.
  • Bring support when technical issues arise.

Software Engineer
Southworks – (2019-2021)

- Streaming Platform – Software Engineer 

  • Node.js at its core for serverless functionality using Amazon Web Services. 
  • Orchestrated workflows using AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. 
  • Extensive use of AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure handling and AWS CloudWatch for logging. 
  • Document management using AWS DynamoDB and AWS S3. CI/CD using AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline. 
  • Media streaming using AWS MediaLive, AWS MediaPackage and AWS MediaConnect. 

- Multi-Platform Encoding – Software Engineer 

  • Migration of existing codebase to Golang and database to AWS RDS PostgreSQL instance. 
  • Infrastructure deployment using Pulumi AWS SDK. 
  • Docker. Micro-services. Image deployment with AWS ECS. Logging analytics with Datadog. 

FullStack Developer
Soluciones Informáticas Integrales (2017-2019) 

- PrintVision Collector – Full Stack Developer 

  • New module created for an existing project “PrintVision” revolving around printer usage data collection on a fleet of printers through deployment of existing embedded solution for supported devices and SNMP collection for unsupported devices. 
  • Primary Responsibilities: Full-Stack Development, Deployment Automation, Data Management. 
  • Stack: C#.NET 4.5, Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET 
  • Utilized Agile development methodologies with JIRA Software. 

- Dockets – Full Stack Developer 

  • Document management software created to beta test and showcase Hewlett Packard’s Link for Device SDK. 
  • Worked closely with HP professionals to address bugs and implement new functionality to the SDK before launch. 
  • Stack: Android 

- HID Biometric Reader Demo –Developer 

  • Driver development demo for showcasing biometric reader functionality on Lexmark Printers. 
  • Stack: Java, Eclipse 

-BAPRO Document Management – Full Stack Developer 

  • Tailor-made document management solution for important Argentinean bank “Banco Provincia” with hundreds of branch offices in the country. 
  • Worked with the client to define project requirements, scope and integration with their existing systems. 
  • Stack: Android, SQL 


Certified Developer Associate

Amazon Web Services

Android Development

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Complete .NET Course

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