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Jesús María Aranda

Gran Buenos Aires

Experienced IT professional, focused on problem solving and teamwork with 8+ years writing code and implementing scalable and robust solutions using different Javascript’s frameworks and libraries.

Currently living in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Front End Developer

Express Js
Amazon AWS

Experiencias Relevantes                                                                                                         

Frontend Software Engineer  - Mercado Libre

I'm part of the Shops & Splinter team, in charge of the administration and availability of the ecommerce landings and related business units in LATAM using micro-based architectures (micro frontends) and React components.

Highlighted projects:

  • UI Components Library: Ui Components developed with React and stored in a monorepo.
  • Micro Frontend: High availability micro frontend developed using modern javascript technologies and Server Side rendering (React, Node y Express) allows the e-commerce landing pages to render.
  • Administrator Backoffice: web application developed with javascript technologies and SSR (React, Node y Express).
  • Api: Restful api developed with node and express brings the necessary information about landings, confgis or KVS`s to the clients apps.

Additionally, I'm collaborating with the Live streaming team to develop a new platform feature called Mercado Libre Live. Our “Live” functionality implemented with micro frontends, it's a new channel for our users to interact with brands and sellers.

This new experience consists of 3 main features:

  • A live streaming service for an influencer/host to talk, display, or show products live. Any product that will be displayed during live streaming must be selected from our marketplace’s active items in order to meet Mercado Libre’s review process. Also, the video feed will bemonitored and moderated.
  • A product carousel for quick access to what is being shown by the influencer/host.
  • A chat section using websockets to generate interactions and engagement between the audience and the brand/seller. Chat messages will be monitored and moderated.

Frontend Developer - Despegar

2017 - 2019

Worked on sundry multidisciplinary frontend teams continually generating new and better functionalities in response to the requirements of the most important commercial products of the company.

Highlighted projects:

  • Web Components: Reusable web components library using Stencil Js.
  • Accommodations: Micro Frontend built in Angular allows travellers to reserve any type of accommodations for their trip.
  • Activities, Insurances and Transfers: Micro Frontend developed with Angular and SSR allows travellers to reserve any destination services at any moment of their trip.
  • Coupons Discount Backoffice: Internal web application that allows managing the discount coupons of the company, which was developed with MERN stack.

Fullstack developer - Flux IT

2014 - 2017

Worked in several teams performing frontend and backend multi platform tasks in a SCRUM-oriented agile development.

Highlighted projects:

  • Port Business Portal: Development of a web corporate business portal built with Angular that facilitates the management of appointments for the containerized and loose cargo services offered by the terminal. Client: Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura. http://www.sprbun.com/
  • Configuration Console: Angular Web application that allows monitoring the integration operations integration between two business applications. Client: Estancias del Lago - https://estanciasdellago.com/

  • OSDE middleware:Rest and Soap services integrations in the organization’s corporate middleware platform which supports the integration of more than 250 applications and critical processes. Client: OSDE - http://www.osde.com/

Java Developer - BVision

2013 - 2014

Java development and technical support for an important company which is part of the banking industry.


Systems Engineering Degree

UTN | Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
2006 - 2014