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Ezequiel Uhrig


QA Autmation Engineer, with more than 10 years of experience. Looking for challenges.


QA Automation Engineer


Experiencias Relevantes                                                                                                         

Senior QA Automation Engineer - Mejuri

aug 2019 - present

  • automation + performance
    lang: ruby | python
    tools: cucumber, locust.io, testim.io, github actions, New Relic, Sentry, Kibana

QA & Automation Lead - Op. Engineering

nov. 2017 - aug. 2019

  • Python Scripting
Quality Assurance Engineer

aug. 2017 - nov. 2017

  • Python Scripting

QA & Automation Coordination - Shopping ONA Web & Mobile app

may. 2016 - jul. 2017

  • QA and Automation coordination for ONA (bus, destination services, cars, packages and crosselling page). iOs/Android apps and desktop Automation and QA solutions.

    - Actively participating in product/dev meetings
    - Actively participating in frameworks design(pageObject based) to automate .
    - NewRelic
    - Android Automated testing using UIAutomator.
    - Javascript automated testing using using Javascript (protractor, nightwatch, webdriver.io), Java for android
    - Basic knowledge of swift to automate iOS.
Lead Software QA Engineer
  • dec 2012 – may 2016

    Lead QA & Automation ssr. On Closed Packages and Productos Combinados, dynamically created vacational packages, consuming from an rest API and presented to an online web-based frontend .

    Tools & Skills:
    - Team Management.
    - Automation Lead, using Ruby automation tools (webdriver, cucumber, pageObject Pattern, etc).
    - Developed Automation solutions to test REST/SOAP APIs and front end applications
    - Actively participating in product/dev meetings
    - Jenkins.
    - UNIX commands to analyze/manage real-time log monitoring.
    - Usage of javaScript to debug.
  • aug 2012 – dec 2012

    Lead QA & Automation Jr. On Closed Packages, consisted on a CRM based availability items, that provided vacational packages to a web-based online front end.

    - Actively participating in product/dev meetings
    - Parametrized Jmeter stress Tests
    - REST api and MySql perform CRUD operations.
    - Basic Ruby knowledge using webdrivers, (chrome and firefox webdrivers) using selenium RC.
    - UNIX commands to analyze/manage real-time log monitoring
Senior QASenior QA

aug 2011 - aug 2012

  • QA Lead in a SelfService after-sale Web platform to manage a actions on an issued ticket (cancelation requests, billing errors requests, eticket confirmations, etc)

    - Basic Jmeter stress tests.
    - Basic record and play automation, using selenium ide, and badBoy recorders.
    - Basic REST api and SqlServer knowledge to perform CRUD operations.
    - Basic UNIX commands to analyze/manage real-time log monitoring.