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Denise Lopez Marquina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Business Intelligence | Data Visualization | PowerBI | Tableau | Python | SQL | Azure


Data Engineer

Excel VBA
Google Spreadsheets
Microsoft Azure

Experiencias Relevantes                                                                                                         

BI Consultant AlixPartners

Entre 2 y 5 años
Key Achievements: Created a Marketing-focused visualization hub centralizing KPIs from historical promotional campaigns, providing the business unit leads a tool for decision making, based on campaign effectiveness and allowed to allocate expenditure more efficiently. Also, built a set of rules to monitor T&E expenses mapped to campaign resources, to allow tracking of budget allocation and potential deviations. Participated in the creation of a global management platform, allowing the firm’s leadership to have first-hand access to the main company KPIs, enabling them to make insight-driven decisions in real-time. Architected, designed, and developed a solution to detect employee leakage of 90M+. Collaborated on the creation of a data solution for a parking company by devising and generating Tableau dashboards, producing insightful data analyses, and working with reports and processes automation and optimizations. Designed, developed, and implemented a user-friendly VBA application for a $3B automotive services company that enabled users to parametrize and consume an integrated BI solution based on data ingested and processed from several existing reports originating at different sources.​ Migrated complex BI solutions from Tableau to PowerBI.


Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems for Business

UBA (University of Buenos Aires)
2012 a 2018